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(the current version is v3.33)

You can download the "demo" of APT - Astro Photography Tool using the "Download Demo" link. This version has almost all features of the full one and there are no time restrictions. In fact this "demo" is one of the most loaded astro applications available for free.

Do you like APT? We will appreciate if you reward our work and support the further development by buying the full version. The price is set to be affordable for everyone - 18.70 EUR. For this amount you will get single user license for the full version of APT that can be used on multiple computers, one year support and upgrades. Expired license has to be renewed only if you want access to the latest upgrades and the renewal fee is 6 EUR per year. To buy your key, please go to the Purchase page.

      Download the Demo version (25.8MB)        Download the previous Demo version

   To download the full version, enter the e-mail address that you used in PayPal for the order and your Key which has been sent to you. Thank you for your support!



   Download Beta versions    

APT in your language!

You can get ToolTips help (balloon help) in several languages. The installation is simple. Setup APT, then download and save the desired translation in the APT's folder. If you want to switch back to English, just download the English version.

Special thanks to all that made and are making this possible!
Language Edition Translated by Tooltips
English 24 Download
French 24 LCK, L. Lamy and Dennys Turcotte Download
Czech 24 Jan Filip Download
Japanese 23 M. Minamiguchi and T.Sugiyama Download
Slovak 13 Stanislav Kaniansky Download
Portuguese 11 Nelson Viegas - GOAAA** Download
Italian 10 Paolo C. Download
Dutch 9 Henrik van Holthoon Download
Polish 8+ Adam Musial and Marek Biały Download
Spanish 8 Iván Jaén (Panamá) Download
Chinese 8 Zhendi Wang Download
Bulgarian 7 Zlatan Merakov Download
German 7 yesyes* and Andreas Exeler Download
If you can help in translation in your language, please contact us.

**GOAAA - Group of Amateur Astronomers Observations of the Algarve


Also you can download the User's guide in some languages.

Language Version Translated by User's guide
English Current PDF, CHM
German 2.01 Martin Dürrschnabel  Download
Italian 2.00 Fabio Papa  Download
Bulgarian 1.80 Stoyan Glushkov Download

Object Browser Updates

The available object browser includes information about 545 objects. Thank to Jeff Seivert many of the interesting facts about the object are extended. Also he recorded audio versions of the text for many objects. In this section you will find the latest versions of both text and audio packs.

To install a text version update, right click on the link, use "Save target as" and save the file in the place where APT is installed.

To install the audio extension, in the place where APT is located make a sub-folder named "ObjectBrowserAudio" and extract the audio pack there. The button "Play" in Object Browser will be available for all objects with audio information.

Last updated on 2012/03/08 - Audio Extension 358 Objects (154 MB)
Last updated on 2012/03/01 - Audio Extension - Only Messier objects 110 Objects (47 MB)
Last updated on 2012/03/08 - Audio Extension - Only Caldwel objects 109 Objects (48 MB)

Thank to M. Minamiguchi and T. Sugiyama there is Japanese translation of the information visible in Stars and Maps tabs of Object Browser. Replace the files Stars.xml, North.png and South.png in the APT installation folder with these - Stars.xml, North.png and South.png

Thank to Jan Filip there is Czech translation of the information visible in Deep Sky and Stars tabs of Object Browser. Replace the files Stars.xml and Objects.xml in the APT installation folder with these - Objects.xml and Stars.xml

More objects can be easily imported into Custom Objects and ToDo tabs of the Object Browser. Ready to use files can be found in this
Topic of the APT forum.

Sounds Packages

APT has advanced sounds notification system that can play up to 36 different sounds. Pre-installed are English speaking female and male voice packages.

More packages can be found in this Topic of the APT forum.


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