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This Gallery contains images kindly provided by APT users. Authors own all rights to their images!

We will be happy to publish your images! Please send them to with the describing information.
The only limitation is that APT (full or demo version) should be used for capturing.

Click on thumbnail or name to see all images submitted by the author.

Last updates:
2019/11/08 in Yoshimi Motohashi and Ivaylo Stoynov pages.
2019/10/17 in Yoshimi Motohashi page.
2019/10/06 in Jae Hwan Kim page.
2019/09/10 in Alexander Sorokin and Vasek Uhlir pages.
2019/09/06 in Eliud Echevarría and Oleksii Semeshchuk pages.
2019/09/05 in Konstantinos Giannouloudis and Assaad Tadros pages.

Countries - 36
Images - 567
AstroBin IOTDs - 10+
AAPODx2 - 13+
Other awards - 12+
Published - 16+

You can see many other images taken with the help of APT in the APT forum, AstroBin and Facebook

Author: Alberto Garcia Sanchez
Country Spain
Last Update 2019/02/01

Author: Alexander Sorokin
Country Russia
Last Update 2019/09/09

Author: Andre Potgieter
Country South Africa
Last Update 2016/07/12

Author: Andrew Gaskell
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/10/16

Author: Anton Polaschek
Country Austria
Last Update 2013/04/23

Author: Arto Murtovaara
Country Finland
Last Update 2015/03/04

Author: Assaad Tadros
Country Lebanon
Last Update 2019/09/05

Author: Audrius Birbilas
Country Lithuania
Last Update 2015/08/18

Author: Bob Simon
Country United Statesa
Last Update 2014/01/10

Author: Boian Pachev
Country United States / Bulgaria
Last Update 2013/10/11

Author: Brian Allan
Country Canada
Last Update 2013/09/10

Author: Brendan
Country Australia
Last Update 2011/6/30

Author: Carole Pope
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/07/23

Author: Chris Levitan
Country United States
Last Update 2014/02/27

Author: Christian Guenther
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2015/09/16

Author: Christopher Warnes
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/02/18

Author: Chuck Manges
Country United States
Last Update 2012/12/02

Author: Claude Roth
Country France
Last Update 2012/08/07

Author: Dan Watt
Country United States
Last Update 2012/11/10

Author: Daniel Espina Gil
Country Spain
Last Update 2012/03/09

Author: Daniel Kessler
Country Argentina
Last Update 2019/01/10

Author: Dave Cunningham
Country Canada
Last Update 2011/7/28

Author: David Partridge
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2017/04/18

Author: Diego Colonnello
Country Australia
Last Update 2017/02/09

Author: Edoardo Luca Radice
Country Italy
Last Update 2013/10/21

Author: Eduardo Mariño
Country Venezuela
Last Update 2013/12/06

Author: Eduardo Oliveira
Country Brazil
Last Update 2019/05/13

Author: Eliud Echevarría
Country Puerto Rico
Last Update 2019/09/06

Author: Erik Guneriussen
Country Norway
Last Update 2015/04/28

Author: Eugeni Anselmet
Country Spain
Last Update 2013/10/07

Author: Everton Allen
Country United States
Last Update 2011/10/19

Author: Geert Vanhauwaert
Country Chile
Last Update 2014/02/21

Author: Giancarlo "Biula" Biolatti
Country Italy
Last Update 2013/08/29

Author: Graham Relf
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/04/05

Author: Graham Stevens
Country Australia
Last Update 2013/04/11

Author: Henrik van Holthoon
Country Netherlands
Last Update 2011/11/28

Author: Ivaylo Stoynov
Country Bulgaria
Last Update 2019/11/08

Author: Jae Hwan Kim
Country South Korea
Last Update 2019/10/06

Author: Jaime Díez & Iván García
Country Spain
Last Update 2012/01/15

Author: James Canning
Country United States
Last Update 2016/08/31

Author: James Screech
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/05/08

Author: Jeff Seivert
Country United States
Last Update 2014/04/11

Author: Jim Pollard
Country United States
Last Update 2013/02/13

Author: Jose Chambó
Country Spain
Last Update 2012/04/08

Author: José Fco. del Aguila
Country Spain
Last Update 2015/01/05

Author: Jose M. Rguez Paredes
Country Spain
Last Update 2019/09/04

Author: Kevin Lewis
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/04/02

Author: Koltek Zdzislaw
Country Poland
Last Update 2012/04/17

Author: Konstantinos Giannouloudis
Country Greece
Last Update 2019/09/05

Author: Laurent Lamy
Country France
Last Update 2012/08/07

Author: Leopoldo Perez
Country Spain
Last Update 2016/08/19

Author: Lewis Rossjones
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2012/05/30

Author: Luis Argerich
Country Argentina
Last Update 2013/04/17

Author: Marcin Piwowarczyk
Country Poland
Last Update 2014/07/10

Author: Mark Phillips
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2012/01/16

Author: Mauro Rorato
Country Italy
Last Update 2014/07/11

Author: Michael Blokker
Country Netherlands
Last Update 2013/08/23

Author: Nelson Viegas
Country Portugal
Last Update 2013/11/06

Author: Nikolay Iliev
Country Bulgaria
Last Update 2014/07/17

Author: Oleksii Semeshchuk
Country Ukraine
Last Update 2019/09/06

Author: Paolo Cosetti
Country Italy
Last Update 2011/10/05

Author: Paul Litchen
Country Australia
Last Update 2013/03/25

Author: Peleg Wasserman
Country Israel
Last Update 2013/07/15

Author: Peter O.
Country Germany
Last Update 2013/05/06

Author: Philippe Tranquille
Country France
Last Update 2018/11/01

Author: Ramón Manzano García
Country Spain
Last Update 2016/11/15

Author: Rick Hageman
Country Canada
Last Update 2011/5/11

Author: Rik McRae
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2012/04/02

Author: Robert Vice
Country United States
Last Update 2014/05/13

Author: Robert Wengewicz
Country United States
Last Update 2011/5/29

Author: Ross Hortin
Country Australia
Last Update 2014/05/27

Author: Roy Entwistle
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/11/04

Author: Roy Rookes
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2012/12/28

Author: Sabin Fota
Country Romania
Last Update 2012/10/11

Author: Sergi Verdugo
Country Spain
Last Update 2013/08/14

Author: Stefan Clarke
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2011/11/30

Author: Steve Lang
Country New Zealand
Last Update 2014/05/07

Author: Steven Bellavia
Country United States
Last Update 2018/02/07

Author: Stewart Oliver
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2013/02/12

Author: Stoyan Glushkov
Country Bulgaria
Last Update 2013/12/21/td>

Author: Subhankar Saha
Country India
Last Update 2014/04/28

Author: Theo J. A. van Aerts
Country Netherlands
Last Update 2018/10/23

Author: Tom Harson
Country United States
Last Update 2014/04/01

Author: Vasek Uhlir
Country Czechia
Last Update 2019/09/10

Author: Ventura Valderrábano Ornedo
Country Spain
Last Update 2016/10/14

Author: Will Reed
Country United Kingdom
Last Update 2019/08/11

Author: Thomas Henne
Country Austria
Last Update 2015/02/23

Author: Xavier Baste
Country France
Last Update 2011/5/17

Author: Yalcin Evliyaoglu
Country Turkey
Last Update 2019/02/18

Author: Yohan Riou
Country Ireland
Last Update 2014/12/10

Author: Yoshimi Motohashi
Country Japan
Last Update 2019/11/08

Author: Zdenko Meglic
Country Slovenia
Last Update 2012/01/28

Author: Zlatan Merakov
Country Bulgaria
Last Update 2012/05/14

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