The PointCraft Settings is accessible from
Settings button in PointCraft dialog box.
These is the PointCraft Settings dialog box which defines parameters used only by PointCraft.
It is accessible from the PointCraft window.

PS2 Path

1. PS2 Path
Defines the path to PlateSlove2 (PS2) application. Use the "..." button to open the folder selection dialog box. The download button navigates the web page for PS2 downloading.


2. ASPS Path
Defines the path to All Sky Plate Solver (ASPS) application. Use the "..." button to open the folder selection dialog box. The download button navigates the web page for ASPS downloading.

Flip Directions

3. Flip Directions
Enable this option only if Aim mode calculates wrong coordinated or GoTo++ make moves in opposite direction.

Solving Timeout

4. Solving Timeout
Defines how long to wait PS2 or ASPS for solving results.

GoTo++ Attempts

5. GoTo++ Attempts
Defines how many times the GoTo++ will try to center the desired target.

GoTo++ Error

6. GoTo++ Error
Defines how many pixels are an acceptable error for GoTo++.

GoTo++ Pause

7. GoTo++ Pause
Defines how many seconds to wait after GoTo++ before taking the next image for position confirmation. Some mounts can require time to settle down after a movement.

Relative GoTo++

8. Relative GoTo++
When enabled the GoTo++ will use the current telescope position and the calculated position error to find the coordinates for the next attempt to center the desired coordinates. It is recommended to enable this option.
When disabled the GoTo++ will make direct attempt to center the desired coordinates. Disable this option if your telescope is able to make very precise movements. When this option is disabled it is recommended to uncheck the "No Auto Sync" option too.

DSLR crop

9. DSLR crop
Enable this option only if PS2 can't solve an image taken with Canon EOS or Nikon camera because of wrong FOV size.

No Sync

10. No Sync
When enabled PointCraft will not send Sync command on every GoTo++. It is recommended to leave this unchecked when Relative GoTo++ is also unchecked.
If your telescope is using internal pointing model, unexpected Sync commands can be unwanted so uncheck this option. In such case enable this option.

Default Exposure

11. Default Exposure
Defines how long to be the imaging exposure for GoTo++, Auto, and Automated Meridian Flip. If this option is empty or set to 0s then will be used the exposure duration set in the Camera tab.

Image Quality

12. Image Quality
When enabled, GoTo++ and Auto will use 'L' quality type no matter what is set in the Camera tab. This option is used only for DSLR cameras.


13. DSLR JPG fix
Enable this option if you want to blind solve JPG files in S1, M, S quality formats.

Use un-stretched images

14. Use un-stretched images
When enabled PointCraft will solve the un-stretched version of current image. This option has effect only in DSLR mode. Histogram stretching can make DSLR images harder or impossible to be solved.

Solving Method for Auto

15. Solving Method for Auto
Defines what solving method to use when Auto button is used. 'Always Ask' gives possibility to select the method on every use of Auto. It is also possible force using Near or Blind solving without asking.